Creme Caramel/ Leche Flan

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Hey Guys.

So yesterday, I was longing for a crème caramel and feel like wanted to try the recipe after seeing a video of making that dessert. It has become everyone's favorite to watch foods' video in this Ramadhan, rightttt? well, me too XD

I freeaking LOVEEE crème caramel, and how dare I cannot cook that thing!? Last night, I decided to try the recipe for the first time in my lifeeee. It was seriously THE. EASIEST. DESSERT. I've ever made.

The ingredient is sooo simple. You'll only need,

1 Can of Sweetened Milk
1 Can of Condensed Milk
3 Eggs
2 Tbs of Vanilla Essence

And then mix them together, whisk them gently otherwise you want the mixture to form bubbles, mm not for me, I'm suffering from trypophobia. haha gross.

Okay for the caramel, this is the trickiest part :/ I only success making the caramel on the second trial. The first trial, the sugar turned out really hard. They were crystallized into a hard candy. Pity me I had to clean the saucepan, and all the utensils I have been using for making it. It was very hard to come off and I had to clean them with hot water to help them melt. But its okay, it was an awesome experience for me XD

And for the second trial, I decided to watch a video of the experts making caramel. because I had no option but to learn how to make them! HAHA. okayyy. Aaand, I made it :D

I forgot to tell you, I cut all the ingredients into half since I didn't have much condensed milk, only half can were there XD 

I used half can of condensed and sweetened milk, 2 Eggs (Grade A + Grade C/D not sure the size), and 1 tbs of vanilla essence.

For the caramel, I only use half cup of granulated sugar and less than quarter cup of water. Add them into the saucepan (thick base). Whisk it for the sugar to dissolve. On medium high heat, gently moving the pan into swirl motion, do not stir because it will crystallized the sugar. Wait for the colour to turn into brown. And then you have it, a nice golden brown bittersweet caramel.

Now, pour the caramel onto the baking dish, and pour the custard mixture on top of the caramel. Then, on a different larger baking dish, pour water bath onto it. The purpose of doing this, it helps the caramel to cook evenly without cracking it. This method is called bain marie. Place the baking dish into the water bath. Pop it into the oven at 350 F/177 C for about 1 hour. Refrigerate them if you want it to be more true definition of dessert (lols)

AND BAMM! enjoy your crème caramel :D

Bye, wassalam


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