How does it taste? : Maggi + Milo

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Assalamualaikum and Hey y'all!

       I've been enjoying watching this video called Maggi + Milo by SAYS (they make a lot of other great videos too btw). Wait what?? Maggi + Milo?? Yes, it kinda sounds weird and even seen gross for certain people like these two girls, shoutout to Fith and Aida. Milo can make a good drink, and Maggi can be tasty when you couldn't find rice or bread in your food supplies haha, but to mix Maggi and Milo, like, how did people can come up with this idea?

I cannot brain.

     Last night, I had a great chat with Aida and Fith and the other friend, Syimi. (she came to my house for Moreh, as been said in her twitter XD).

Good emoji Syimi, bcuz we didn't have much food left on that time, lols

    Unfortunately, Syimi didn't only come for Moreh, but she took over of my laptop and not to forgot, my study table too hahaha T_T. But yeah, gave her respect as a guest. So, we went to Youtube to listen to Terakhir, then I forgot how we end up watching Maggi Kari Letup Challenge by a random 9 y/o boy, lol very unexpected right. It is so captivating to Aida that she decided to cook Maggi on that freaking night hahaha. We actually laughed to this. Its already like midnight. Then Fith suddenly told Syimi about that Maggi+Milo video we watched together on the other day. Guess what? I was actually having Maggi and Milo in my supplies as for preparation of Ramadhan, yeahh student life (I'm gonna miss all these, year 3 is about to end soon T_T). So I told them that why not we try this thing.

then we actually gave it a try.

    With a scene of 4 girls eating Maggi in the cold lonely midnight (overrr gila), and the result is.... me and Syimi think that it actually taste good (hmm Aida and Fith totally rejected it), but a lot of people has been saying about their grossy look. Hmm..I am totally okay with that look, its not that bad you exaggerated people! haha Anyway, the noodle still taste the same, and the broth looked like typical Indian curry instead of that usual Maggi's red and transparent broth if you know what I mean. The Milo actually add a bit of sweet flavor to the broth. So yeah, it is sweet and spicy, in brown and dark color with a confusing smell lol (curry or milo). As more as we eat, then we realized, we don't need a second try. tehee. I don't actually like the after taste.

In case you want to try it, add 2 tablespoon of Milo to your preferred instant noodle, and then boom! Enjoy your Mi-Giiiii.

Credit to It looks exactly like mine bcuz well, we used the same ingredients, blergh.
Okay, exam week, got to study! no just kidding, got to youtubing.

Adios Amigos,

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